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Texas Ironman 2021

October 9th, 2021

Thank You for Volunteering! TEXAS will be the BEST!! You guys ROCK the RACE every year, and NOW we need you again for 2021!
Check in and Tshirt will be issued by your Captain at your location. Your Captain will be contacting you with details about where to park, what to bring, and with more detailed info on exact locations. Thank you for all you do! Follow up pictures of the day will be on Instagram :TXTRI3X3 . I plan to come by each area to CHEER YOU ON!! Please contact me directly if your GROUP is wanting an entire AID station. We are offering GRANTS to certain areas so please reach me! Lets make this happen together! We are back to RACES in TEXAS!! At your comfort level you can wear a mask or not, many areas to choose from to have direct contact with the athlete or not! You decide, either way we would love to see you come out and support our athletes and keep RACING in TEXAS alive!!

Thank you!
Sandra Sutherland
TXIM Volunteer Director

There are no shifts available at this time.

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